Let Me Show You How Showing Up For Yourself Can Truly Set You Free

How Showing Up For Yourself Can Truly Set You Free

Have you ever felt like the world was just going on without you? That everyone else is somehow managing while your life has become a bit of a jumble, tangled up in confusion, stress, and insecurity?

It's like we've all been put in this race, but no one told us which direction to run. But what if I showed you that there is still hope, that no matter how broken down and hopeless things have gotten, it's never too late for resurrection – for a spiritual and emotional rebirth where you can retrace your steps back to yourself again with love and grace?

Let me show you how showing up for yourself can truly set you free!

Being still and showing up for yourself isn't always easy. Fear, guilt, and judgment -- are just a few obstacles that come between you and taking care of yourself. It can be daunting to carve out time from your busy schedule when all the expectations from family and society seem to tower over you.

But today, I invite you to make a brave choice: choose yourself for once! Join me as I explore why self-care is essential in helping Christian women feel empowered and reconnect with their faith so they can show up as the deliciously bold women of faith they are.

Showing up for yourself is nothing short of magical; it takes immense self-love and care to be present with yourself and your journey. To show up for yourself, you must be dedicated to self-growth, taking meaningful and intentional steps every day that serve your highest self.

It means honoring your dreams and hopes, trusting in yourself, facilitating moments of inward and outward connection, setting meaningful boundaries, and investing in self-care wherever possible. Showing up for yourself is a courageous act of self-expression that allows you to rise to the highest version of yourself.

When you show up for yourself, you live authentically in alignment with your faith and values. You are free to affirm and allow abundance into your life on all levels – emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and financially.

You're giving yourself permission to live a life of joy and purpose so that your unique gifts can flow through you in service to the world. Showing up for yourself is a holy act of love and devotion that paves the way for lasting transformation.

Taking care of ourselves is essential if we want to be the best version of ourselves. To grow and bloom as God intended for us is a journey and a brave choice to choose yourself first. But if you open your heart and make yourself accountable for that choice, you will become empowered in unimaginable ways.

We are all daughters of the divine, waiting patiently for our call to purpose: that call might just need some self-care first. The empowerment will restore faith and confidence in oneself to gain enough momentum to keep doing those beautiful things each day! 

And once connected with our faith, we can truly show up as deliciously bold women of faith who seek uncharted waters—and conquer them with courage and grace.

Join me as I make space at the table for the deliciously bold women ready to choose themselves! I want you to come away recharged – from dreading your days to dreaming about what God has planned for you next.

Join me in my group coaching class – let's explore how radical self-love can unlock greater services as a daughter of God!