Discover How To Get Out Of The Dating Rut, Rewrite Your History, And Change Your Destiny So You Can Meet The One For You!

Are you ready to stop wasting time on someone who doesn't share your values or beliefs?

Purposed & Positioned Prayer Challenge
Follow God's Plan For Your Love Life...
Are you tired of navigating the treacherous waters of modern dating, only to find yourself trapped in a never-ending cycle of disappointment and heartache?
Do you yearn for a deeper connection, a love story written by the Divine, and a partner who shares your faith and values?
If you're a single Christian woman seeking a transformative journey to rewrite your romantic narrative, then brace yourself for a life-altering adventure with "Purposed & Positioned: The 31-Day Prayer Challenge."

Can you imagine...

  • Breaking free from the chains of the dating rut and embracing a future filled with hope and purpose?
  • Envision a life where every step you take aligns with God's plan for you – a life where your desires are met beyond your wildest dreams.
  • Picture yourself standing at the threshold of a love story that reflects the love Christ has for His church. 

Your heart's longing is within reach, and the 31-Day Prayer Challenge is your guide.

What Happens After You Implement What You've Learned From This Challenge?

Renewed Faith And Clarity!

Through the power of daily prayer and reflection, you'll experience a renewed sense of faith and clarity. The fog of confusion will lift, allowing you to discern what truly matters in a partner and a relationship. Your heart will be open to God's voice, guiding you towards the right path.

Healing From Past Wounds!

The 31-Day Prayer Challenge isn't just about your future – it's about rewriting your history. As you engage in intentional prayer, you'll find healing from past heartbreaks and wounds. Your heart will be prepared to receive and give love without the weight of past pain holding you back.

Alignment With Your Destiny!

Imagine stepping into a life that aligns with God's purpose for you. As you commit to the challenge, you'll discover a sense of alignment with your destiny. Your journey will be one of purpose and intention, drawing you closer to the one God has ordained for you.

Confidence In Your Worth!

The 31-Day Prayer Challenge isn't just about changing your romantic destiny; it's about changing your perception of yourself. You'll develop an unshakable confidence in your worth as a beloved child of God. This newfound self-assurance will radiate in all areas of your life.

A Love Story Crafted By God!

Through daily prayers and devotion, you'll embark on a journey that transcends human understanding. Your love story will be woven by the Creator Himself, a testament to His grace and provision. You'll witness the unfolding of a narrative that speaks to the depths of your heart's desires.
I've built implementation into the challenge to make sure you reach the finish line...

If you need help – get it. This training offers a private portal where you can feel free to ask questions pertaining to the training content. You are not on your own. Don’t be afraid or ashamed of getting help to achieve your relationship goals, that's what I'm here for.

This is the most important area of your life – do what it takes to make it great.


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Get ready to unlock your innermost thoughts and feelings with our carefully curated journal prompts. Seven consecutive days, you'll be presented with thought-provoking questions that peel away the layers, allowing you to explore your desires, fears, and aspirations. 

Enroll in the Purposed & Positioned: 31-Day Prayer Challenge today, and let your words flow onto the pages of your destiny.



Your Destiny Awaits!

Embark on this transformative journey today and experience these life-enriching benefits as you align your life with your true purpose and positioning. Your destiny awaits.

  • Experience the revelation of your deepest desires in a life partner as the meticulously crafted journal pages unfold over a tantalizing 31-day journey. Digital asset. (Valued at $25)
  • (7) Prepare yourself for a mind-bending journey with these thought-provoking journal prompts, guaranteed to ignite your visionary juices like never before! (Valued at $197)
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  • Discover the captivating secrets! Ten coaching topics for extraordinary single Christian women longing to meet their destined soulmate with exercises.  (Valued at $597)
  • Connecting with an authentic community of like-minded women (priceless)
Enroll today and experience a remarkable transformation in your dating life!
Unleash Your Inner Thoughts with the 31-Day Prayer Journal!

Imagine having a dedicated space to pour out your heart, record your revelations, and track your spiritual growth for 31 consecutive days. Our thoughtfully designed 31-Day Prayer Journal is your companion on this transformative journey. It's more than just a journal; it's a tool that empowers you to reflect, refine, and redirect your prayers and intentions. With prompts that prompt self-discovery and spaces for personal insights, this journal becomes a treasure trove of your spiritual evolution. Elevate your prayer experience and enhance your connection with God by making the 31-Day Prayer Journal an integral part of your journey.

Seize this opportunity to cultivate a deeper, more meaningful relationship with the Divine – get your journal today and embark on a path of profound self-discovery and growth.

($25 value)

Elevate Your Prayer Journey with 31 Inspiring Audio and Video Prayers!

Picture this: every day for 31 days, you're guided through a unique, soul-stirring prayer experience that resonates deep within your heart. Imagine immersing yourself in a world of audio and video prayers that ignite your spirit, elevate your faith, and connect you intimately with God. These prayers aren't just words; they're a powerful pathway to transformation. Whether you're seeking clarity, healing, strength, or breakthroughs, our meticulously crafted audio and video prayers provide the guidance you need.

Don't miss out on this immersive prayer journey that has the potential to revolutionize your life. Join the challenge now and let the divine power of these prayers lead you to your destined path.

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Elevate Your Faith with 40 Transformative Affirmations!

Imagine infusing your daily life with positive declarations that align with your faith and aspirations. Our collection of 40 powerful affirmations, specially curated for the 31-Day Prayer Challenge, is a gateway to a renewed mindset and enhanced spiritual growth. These affirmations are more than just words; they're the keys to unlocking your potential and inviting abundance into every facet of your life. As you repeat and internalize these affirmations, you'll rewire your thoughts, deepen your faith, and amplify your connection with the Divine. Don't miss this chance to empower your journey with unwavering confidence and faith.

Join the challenge now and infuse your days with the transformative energy of these affirmations to manifest a life aligned with God's purpose for you.

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Experience Divine Guidance with 31 Inspirational Prayer Cards!

Imagine holding in your hands a deck of 31 beautifully designed prayer cards, each carrying a unique intention and a powerful connection to the Divine. Our exclusive set of 31 Prayer Cards, a core component of the 31-Day Prayer Challenge, is your tangible link to daily guidance, encouragement, and renewal. These cards aren't just paper; they're a direct line to God's wisdom and love. Elevate your prayer practice and infuse every day with purposeful devotion.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to walk hand in hand with God through the powerful symbolism of these prayer cards. Join the challenge now and elevate your connection to the Divine like never before.

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Unlock Extraordinary Insights with Ten Exclusive Lessons!

Imagine receiving not just a challenge but an entire toolkit for transformation. In addition to the empowering 31-Day Prayer Challenge, you'll also gain access to ten illuminating lessons that will deepen your spiritual journey like never before. These lessons are a treasure trove of wisdom, offering insights on topics that resonate deeply with single Christian women seeking growth, clarity, and connection. From navigating rejection with grace to exploring relationship history and personal growth, these lessons are your secret weapon to a more fulfilled life.

Don't miss out on this exceptional opportunity to gain insights that can change your trajectory. Join the challenge now and elevate your journey with these four transformative bonus lessons that are custom-crafted for your enrichment.

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Hi, I'm Dr. Patricia Shaw

Professional Relationship Coach/Licensed Chaplin

I understand the challenges many women face today, and I've been mentoring them for more than 25 years, which helps me know what they're dealing with through my work.

Today's culture can be complex for single women. They are constantly bombarded with images of what they "should" be doing or who they "should" be dating. It's no wonder that so many of them feel lost and alone.

As a Christian Relationship Coach and Licensed Chaplain, I know how to use my professional training, biblical wisdom, and life experience to support you on your journey out of the dating wilderness.

I have a deep passion for helping women find love and joy in their lives, and I want nothing more than to see you succeed in meeting the one you're meant to be with.

As a wife of 34 years, I understand what it takes to create a loving and lasting relationship. I want to support you in manifesting that same success in your relationship.

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This Training Is Perfect For You If....

  • You're a single Christian woman and ready to exit the dating wilderness.
  • You're looking for consistency and communication and ready to meet marriage-minded men instead of marriage-blinded men
  • You're finally ready to crush your relationship goals! 
If any of these sounds like you, keep reading because you’re exactly where you need to be.
This isn't just a challenge; it's a voyage of self-discovery. Are you prepared to embark on this soul-stirring journey?
Your destiny is waiting – are you ready to unveil it?


Are you ready to transform your love life from the inside out? The Purposed & Positioned: 31-Day Prayer Challenge is your gateway to rewriting your history, embracing your worth, and stepping into a future brimming with love and purpose. Don't settle for less than God's best for you. Take the first step towards the love story you deserve by joining the challenge today.

If you're still reading, there's something holding you back.
You may be asking yourself...

Embrace the 31-Day Prayer Challenge as an empowering tool to enhance your dating journey as a single Christian woman. It's not just about finding love – it's about aligning your heart with God's purpose, building a strong foundation, and inviting the kind of love that is deeply rooted in faith and authenticity.


Get Started Today!

  1. Enhanced Spiritual Connection: Engaging in daily prayer for 31 days deepens your connection with the Divine. As you commit to this challenge, you'll experience a stronger and more profound relationship with God, allowing you to draw closer to His will for your life.

  2. Clarity of Purpose: Through intentional prayer and reflection, you'll gain a clearer understanding of your life's purpose and direction. The challenge guides you to seek answers to questions about who you are, what you desire in a relationship, and how you can conquer fear and replace it with faith.

  3. Renewed Mindset: The consistent practice of prayer over 31 days has the power to transform your mindset. You'll find yourself letting go of negative thought patterns and embracing a more positive, hopeful outlook on life and its possibilities.

  4. Empowered Decision-Making: By inviting God into your daily decisions through prayer, you'll make choices that are aligned with His will. This leads to more confident and empowered decision-making in various areas of your life, from relationships to career and personal growth.

  5. Increased Resilience: Life's challenges can be overwhelming, but the 31-day challenge equips you with a strengthened spirit and increased resilience. As you navigate difficulties with a foundation of prayer, you'll find greater inner peace, courage, and the ability to overcome obstacles.


I'M READY NOW - $197