The Worth of a Woman: YOUR Perspective Matters!

The Worth of a Woman: YOUR Perspective Matters!

Have you ever wondered what determines the value of a thing? Is it the price the seller has defined it to be when the price tag is stamped on it? Or is it what the buyer perceives it to be worth by what they are willing to pay? Or is it something else entirely?

Let’s dig deeper.

For centuries, the value of a woman has been determined by the men in her life. Her father decided how much she was worth when he married her off. Her husband decided how much she was worth when he took her as his wife. And society decided how much she was worth based on her role in the home and in the workplace.

But what if the value of a woman was determined by someone else?

First, let me talk about these shoes right here and what I mean when I say Value is perceived by the buyer

Perceived means to attain awareness or understanding.

So, if I offer you these shoes for $100 and you perceive them to be worth $50, then the value of the shoes to you is $50. But what if I offer them to someone else who knows what kind of shoes they are and what they are made of?

Then, immediately the value goes up. When I say the value is perceived by the buyer, that’s what I mean. Your worth should never be determined by someone else. When your worth is decided by someone else, then it is based on their perception of who you are on the outside, the clothes you wear, or maybe even your financial status.

But your worth should never be based on someone’s else view of you or who they might think you are.

Now, let’s look at what I mean when I say the value is defined by the seller

The word defined means to discover and set forth the meaning of

Let's take a closer look at these shoes. The shoes are clearly well-made and would likely be quite comfortable to wear. But what makes them worth so much?

It's not the materials, and it's not the labor that went into making them. These shoes represent so much more than money; they represent the one who made them.

When I look at these shoes, I see the blood, sweat, and tears of the person who created them. I see restless nights spent stitching and gluing, all hoping to one day see a dream become reality. I see nimble fingers stitching the fabric, piecing together the soles, and laboring to create their masterpiece. I see long hours worked and sacrifices made. See, when you know your worth, you can define your price and then make it non-negotiable.

Let’s talk about what I mean when I say the value is determined by the maker.

First, the word determined means to fix conclusively and authoritatively

Your value has already been determined by your maker – God!

So what happens when we take off the mask that society has forced us to wear? What happens if we step outside of the roles that have been predetermined for us and we begin viewing ourselves the way our maker views us?

For far too long, a woman's worth has been determined by society. We have been told that our value lies in our looks, our youth, and in our ability to please others. But what happens when we peel back the layers and see ourselves the way God sees us?

We are His handiwork, created in His image, fearfully and wonderfully made. Our worth is not defined by the world but by the One who made us. When we see ourselves through His eyes, we are free to be who He created us to be. No longer bound by the expectations of others, we are free to live out our God-given purpose. This is the power of stepping outside the box society has tried to confine us. This is the freedom that comes from seeing ourselves the way our Father sees us.

When we step outside the roles society has thrown at us and begin viewing ourselves as our maker views us? Suddenly, the opinion of others becomes far less important. We are free to be who we were designed to be - unique individuals with our own stories to tell. When we see ourselves through the eyes of the one who made us, our worth becomes immeasurable. We are valuable, we are loved, and we are worth fighting for.

There is no greater tragedy than a woman who does not know her worth. She walks through life haunted by the specters of doubt and insecurity, constantly comparing herself to others and falling short. She believes the lie that she is not enough, that she will never measure up. But the truth is, she is more than enough. She is worthy of love and respect and has so much to offer the world.

So if you’re someone who is struggling with your worth, it’s time for you to take on a new perspective.

Perspective means the capacity to view things in their true relation or relative importance.

Taking on a new perspective means seeing yourself through the eyes of love that comes from the one who created you. It means recognizing your own worth, regardless of what the world tells you.

If you are a woman who does not know your worth, then it’s time for you to change your view. It's time for you to see yourself through the eyes of love. When you do, you will finally be able to see your true worth - and you will shine like the diamond you were created to be.

Because your worth is not measured by the size of your hips, the color of your lips, or the polish on your fingertips, It’s not measured by the size of your waist, the number of likes you get on social media, or the amount of money in your bank account. Your worth is immeasurable, infinitely valuable, and it has already been determined, and guess what?

You are worthy of love and respect because the one who determined your value from the beginning says so!


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